Kevin Mcphee - Blue Organ

Kevin McPhee To Release on Hype_LTD

Toronto-based electronic producer Kevin Mcphee is set to release a new single on London’s Hype_LTD.

The label is Hypercolour’s pro-vinyl offshoot, which recently launched with a re-release of Maya-Jane Cole’s ‘Hummingbird’, backed with remixes from T. Williams and Youandewan, and with their second release they’ve landed a killer deep house/bass cut from the Canadian.

Released on November 21st, the ‘Blue Organ’ EP takes in 4 tracks of house-inflected beats, from gorgeous r’n’b vocalled opener ‘I Will’, through to the electroid funk of ‘Hang My Head’, and the rustic woodblock workout of the title track. Having released on [nakedlunch] and Idle Hands this year, McPhee is gradually building a reputation for his warm analogue aesthetic and house/garage flavours, neatly sidestepping current tags like ‘future garage’ and ‘post-dubstep’ to create his own sound.

You can preview the full tracklist below, with the vinyl being housed in a special lazer cut sleeve.

Kevin McPhee – ‘Blue Organ’ EP tracklist:
01. ‘I Will’
02. ‘Hang My Head’
03. ‘Your Side’
04. ‘Blue Organ’