Kelela To Join Bok Bok, Ikonika And More at LDN DC

LDN DC add Kelela to their Hum & Buzz showcase at Peckham Palais.

On Friday, February 1, Hum & Buzz bosses Ikonika and Optimum are joined Night Slugs co-founder Bok Bok, talented UK funky newcomer Shy One, and Hyperdub‘s Morgan Zarate. It can now be revealed that the songstress responsible for vocalling a track on Teengirl Fantasy‘s album, ‘Traces’, Kelela, will be on hosting duties for Bok Bok‘s set.

Bok Bok veered from his standard DJ set recently in a live performance with Girl Unit, and this oneoff partnership with Kelela looks to be a equally intriguing take on grime. RSVP here and stream Kelela’s track with Teengirl Fantasy below.