Kassem Mosse Drops New Cassette Album ‘The Siege Of Troy’

The German producer’s new project is a super-limited cassette album released via his own Ominira imprint.

Following outings in the last six months on Diamonds & Pearls, Sounds of the Universe and Nonplus, Leipzig electronic mastermind Gunnar Wendell aka Kassem Mosse returns with a new album on his own Ominira label, the first movements from the imprint since 2011. ‘The Siege Of Troy’ is an 11-track cassette release, recorded straight to tape and backed by a 7″ accompaniment containing alternative versions of album cuts and one exclusive non-album track.

Released this Monday May 13th, the producer has opted to keep availability exclusive, distributing the album through a small handful of outlets in very limited numbers. Pre-orders of both cassette and 7″ have already sold out on the Ominira website, but keep your eyes peeled for stock via Honest Jon’s, Sounds of the UniverseKann and Idle Hands. If you’re out partying this weekend you also have the option of picking one up from the man himself – Mosse performs for Housework in Bristol tonight and Wavey Tones in London tomorrow, and is rumoured to be bringing physical copies with him.

As to what ‘The Siege Of Troy’ sounds like, details are currently shady, but it’s being touted by Sounds of the Universe as “gritty body music and machine funk pushed to the inimitable KM zone teetering on the edge of breakdown”. Have a listen to this clip of track 3 ‘Black Floral Lace Blindfold’ and decide for yourself.


OM-TSOT from OM INI RA on Vimeo.