Kahn And Neek Preview Second Bandulu Release

The Bristol grime duo return to their own Bandulu imprint with ‘Chevy / Thief In The Law’.

Launched last year, Bandulu is the label helmed by Bristolian producers Kahn and Neek, two names on the frontline of producers reconstructing the grime blueprint. The duo’s first 12″ on the imprint couldn’t have been more explosive, with the much hyped ‘Percy’ finally seeing the light alongside ‘Fierce’, and subsequently selling out the first press and re-issue. A tough act to follow, and one that the pair haven’t rushed into. Released next week BANDULU002 is a certain match for its predecessor, with Kahn and Neek once again bringing the aggy kick-snare ruckus on ‘Chevy’ and ‘Thief In the Law’. Stream the clip below.