John Roberts To Release New Album ‘Paper Frames’

After the success of his debut album ‘Glass Eights’, John Roberts returns with a stunning follow-up.

Known for his impressive compositions using acoustic instruments, Roberts has firmly established himself as an innovative young producer, honing his own breed of Chicago house alongside label mates Pantha du Prince and Efdemin.

His earlier releases on Feel Music and Dial’s sister label Laid, exhibit the intricate sounds he creates; ‘Glass Eights’ is consistently melodic, a complex listen rich with emotion and ambience yet still present is the groove of a house record.

‘Paper Frames promises to be a continuation of Roberts’ signature vibe, one of precision, care and attention. Don’t miss his live performance at Dial Records’ night on 15th September along with Roman Flugel, Lawrence and Efdemin.

Listen to John Roberts’ Paper Frames album preview below: