Jeff Mills reveals video trailer for Exhibitionist 2 Part 3

The Detroit techno pioneer and Underground Resistance founder unveils trailer for the latest in his Exhibitionist 2 series.

The third part of the Exhibitionist 2 EP series is set for release on January 22. The recordings for part 3 are taken from Jeff Mills live performance in Leiden, Netherlands early last year, and a preview trailer of the Axis Records founder’s performance can be seen below.

Mills has released 3 separate EPs in the series, with each serving as accompaniments to the DVD package that goes behind the scenes and provides insight into Mill’s thought process and technique as a DJ and producer.

With the first two EPs focused on the studio mix section of the follow up to Mills’ 2004 groundbreaking film Exhibitionist, Part 3 will bring the EP series to a close.

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