The Jazz Diaries Announces Ahkatari

The South London Beats stronghold has announced it’s next release 

South London record label Jazz Diaries has just announced their debut LP which will come as a release from relatively unknown Detroit duo Ahkatari on October 23rd. The record will be issued as a limited edition vinyl 12″ run of 200 which features hand painted sleeve artwork by Alma. The release will also be available to download on Bandcamp.

A statement from the label reads, “Ahkatari are Butter Made agents on a mission to solve the mysterious murder of a fellow agent. The task sends them from UK to Jamaica, where they join forces with Green Llama’s Selfish, and Butter Made secret agents dak & Dirtee Curt – While dodging bumbaclarts, “fire breathing rude bwoys” and a trio of assassins, known as the three blind mice, Ahkatari meet up with the beautiful Honeydips and go face to face with the evil unknown.

The Jazz Diaries was founded last year and has to date issued music by Only Rays and jitwam. To celebrate the launch of the EP the imprint is throwing a launch party with K15, Henry Wu, Al Dobson and more next Thursday at Peckham’s Rye Wax.

Stream a video teaser for the release below

1. London Theme
2. Kingston Theme
3. Uhoh7
4. J.A State of Mind
5. Machete
6. Twistin’
7. Blind Mice
8. She Bangs
9. Shottas
10. Cut Throat
11. Soundclash feat. Dirtee Curt
12. Top Rank
13. Underground feat. Selfish
14. Rude Bwoy
15. Still Twistin’
16. Sky Ahking
17. Gamble
18. Sunday Morning
19. Bon Voyage
20. Demon Curse
21. Crickets & Vodka

Ahkatari is available to preview and order now here