James Blake Debut Album: More Details

Details of James Blake‘s self titled debut album, set for release on February 7th, have been released, along with a full tracklist and album artwork.

The 11 track album features mainly unreleased material from the young producer/vocalist, with the much-hyped ‘Limit To Your Love’ single taking centre stage in the record’s tracklist.

Having had a sneak preview of the album, we can safely say it goes beyond the hype, coming across as a fully realised and deeply individual sound, with tracks like the spiraling ballad that is ‘Wilhelms Scream’ in particular creating an astoundingly emotive atmosphere, whilst more up front tracks such as ‘I Never Learnt To Share’ and ‘I Mind’ explore the rhythmic possibilities between his first Hemlock recordings and current UK bass work from the likes of David Kennedy AKA Ramadanman/Pearson Sound.

‘James Blake’ tracklisting:
01. Unluck
02. Wilhelms Scream
03. I Never Learnt To Share
04. Lindesfarne I
05. Lindesfarne II
06. Limit To Your Love
07. Give Me My Month
08. To Care (Like You)
09. Why Don’t You Call Me
10. I Mind
11. Measurements

‘James Blake’ will be released on February 7, 2011 through Atlas / A&M.