3d record

Introducing The World’s First 3D Printing Record Store

Researcher Amanda Ghassaei has pioneered a technique to create records using a 3D printer, with the first ever commercially released 3D record due to be available soon at a special pop-up shop. 

Posting instructions and photos on blog Instructables, Ghassaei describes how she created the records using the ‘Objet Connex500’ a ‘UV-cured resin printer’. She admits that the audio quality, which has a sampling rate of 11khz  ( ‘a quarter of typical mp3 audio’ ), leaves a little to be desired, although once this is ironed out the possibilities of this new method are very intriguing. Ghassaei herself was more modest about the potential, merely stating that she felt this new method wouldn’t overtake “current industrial processes that are used to create vinyl” and that instead it carried more appeal “for DIYers to get to experiment with the process by creating their own custom one-offs”. Further experiments have seen her successfully attempt to cut Radiohead’s ‘Idioteque’ using a laser cutter, something you can watch here.

Ghassaei’s method will be put to the test next month when used at a pop-up record shop on the 13th-14th December. The store will sell copies of ‘Down Boy’, a track made exclusively by Bloc Party vocalist Kele Okereke and upcoming singer-songwriter Bobbie Gordon, who have collaborated as part of the Bacardi Beginnings series. The record will come available with a choice of sleeves by designer Kate Moross, with all proceeds going to music theraphy charity Nordoff Robins.

You can check a video of the printing process above, whilst you can keep an eye on Bacardi UK’s Facebook page for more details of the pop up store.

via The Vinyl Factory