synth kit

Introducing: The Synth Kit

New York based tech start up Little Bits have unveiled The Synth Kit, ‘an incredibly powerful, easy to use, modular analog synthesizer’.

Created in association with established synthesizer manufacturers Korg, The Synth Kit is targeted at giving those less technologically inclined the opportunity to build their own analog synth. You build the synth by creating circuits comprised from an open source library of electronic modules which snap together with magnets, thus eliminating the need for soldering, programming or wiring. The kit consists of a tiny circuit board, two oscillators, a synth speaker, a keyboard and a selection of other modules to allow you to realise your sounds fully. At only $159 ( just under £100 ), The Synth Kit looks to be an affordable solution for producers looking to dabble in the world of analog synths.

Check out the trailer for The Synth Kit, featuring the magnificently coiffed comedian Reggie Watts, below, whilst you can find more info on it and buy it here.

via Protein