Sound Pegs

Introducing: Sound Pegs

Music Technology gets a little bit weirder with the announcement of Sound Pegs.

Following in a similar vein to Ototo, which consisted of a small circuit board and some clips, empowering users to turn just about anything in to musical instrumental, is Nick Brennan’s creation Sound Pegs. The Camberwell College of Arts graduate’s invention is made up of large wooden pegs, a pair of speakers and a converter that shifts the vibrations into a digital signal – basically allowing you to turn anything that can be grasped by a peg into a musical instrument.

Once you have connected the pegs to an object, the sensors within the jaws pick up when the object is being struck. The vibrations are then sent to a converter, which provides the signal to a laptop running a music production programme where sounds can be triggered.

Check the video below to see Sounds Pegs in action. What do you think? Innovative step forward for home music production, or just pointless fun?


(via Protein)