Introducing: Pocket Operators – The New Range of Micro Synthesisers

The line of micro synthesisers are “so small they fit into the pocket of your tightest jeans”.

Swedish clothing company Cheap Monday have joined forces with Teenage Engineering for the launch of Pocket Operators, a new range of battery-powered micro synthesisers. The line has three models – PO-12/RHYTHM, PO-14/SUB and PO-16/FACTORY – which are drum, bass and melody-oriented machines respectively. Each synthesiser features a built-in speaker, alarm clock and 3.5mm line in and out, as well as parameter locks and synchronisation functionality. Cheap Monday have also produced a collection of matching t-shirts and pins exclusively for the collaboration. Check a video of the PO-12 rhythm in action below.



Pocket Operators launches 5 June at the Cheap Monday store on Carnaby Street, and are also available on www.cheapmonday.com and select stores worldwide.