Introducing Dubwars: The First Ever ‘Bass Inspired’ Video Game

Dubwars, a video game which allows you to ‘destroy waves of enemies to the power of dubstep’ is currently in the works. 

Available as a demo for Mac and PC, the developers of the game have launched a kickstarter campaign in an attempt to generate funding ahead of a full release.  Described as a ‘top down, twin-stick shooter’ with levels custom built to be synchronised with music, the developers have already got the support of Dubstep labels Monstercat and FiXT. Slated for release on new gaming console OUYA, those who contribute to the game’s funding stand to enjoy incentives such as Dubwars merchandise, copies of the game soundtrack and even a producer credit on the game itself.

Footage of the game itself, which resembles a nightmarish vision of Space Invaders on Ecstasy to us, can be seen below, whilst you can check out the website here .