Intense Storms Delay Burning Man Festival

The annual celebration of oneness in the Nevada Desert has been plagued by bad weather

Thousands of ‘Burners’ in search of oneness have missed out on the first day of Burning Man Festival due to intense storms and heavy rain over Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

Organisers have made the decision to divert traffic from the site and cancel the first day of proceedings as a safety precaution. Burners were locked outside the waterlogged festival area last night with most people seeking alternative campsites or returning to Reno. Burners already inside the site have been advised to secure their vehicles and avoid riding their ‘Burner Bikes’.

The official Burning Man Twitter account announced last night that the festival is scheduled to open this afternoon.
“BRC is closed until midday Tuesday due to rain and standing water. At the request of organisers, law enforcement is turning cars back.”

Burners are remaining optimistic about the festival with the forecast looking clear for the rest of the week, “We’re just trying to stay positive,” said a woman from Oakland, California, who identified herself only as “Driftwood” while hanging out in the Wal-Mart car park.

The world famous gathering of eclecticism attracted 68’000 people last year. It also operates on a barter system with no monetary currency accepted.