Rinse18: Icicle

Icicle To Mix Rinse:19

Drum & bass and dubstep man to helm the next Rinse compilation.

Rinse are, unsurprisingly, on a roll in 2012 as, fresh from reviewing the latest compilation of underground UK sounds (courtesy European house man Mark Radford), news hits us of the next chapter in the former pirate station’s zeitgeist-defining series.

‘Rinse:19’ sees Dutch drum & bass-to-dubstep figure Icicle run through 20 tracks of advanced, minimal d’n’b, techno and dubstep, sticking to a relatively small number of producers, and creating a deep, dark and hard hitting atmosphere that fans of his sometime DJ partner Youngsta will instantly take to.

Tracks from Locked Groove, Distance, Spinline, Sleeper & District, Proxima and a healthy does of Icicle’s own productions make an appearence, and as the press release rather effectively puts it; “beginning with the slower, techno-infused moves of his own ‘Deep Tech’ and Locked Groove’s ‘Centraal’, Rinse:19 gradually mutates through ocean-deep halfstep into thrashy, ultra-percussive dubstep, before finally exploding into intricate, melodic drum ‘n’ bass. ” Check out the full tracklist below…

‘Rinse:19 – Icicle’ Tracklist:
01. Icicle – Intro
02. Icicle – Deep Tech
03. Locked Groove – Centraal
04. Icicle – Kick In The B
05. Distance – Searching
06. Spinline – Monday Luv
07. J. Robinson – The Maasai
08. Icicle – Together In The Dust
09. Proxima – Grunge
10. Icicle – Acid Step
11. Sleeper & District – Terraformed
12. Youngsta – Untitled
13. Proxima – Brainstem
14. Killawatt – Centipede Effect
15. Icicle – BNC
16. Clarity – Other Sights
17. Rockwell – The Rain
18. Spinline – Alien
19. Sabre – Halo Danger
20. Icicle – Full Moon