I Love Acid & Balkan Vinyl Curate Acid Relief

London-based label Balkan Vinyl have come together with much adored acid house night I Love Acid to curate an album of world class acid house, techno and electro, in aid of the DEC’s East Africa Famine Crisis Appeal.

A 16 track compilation featuring tracks from Ben Sims, LFO, Hrdvsion, Luke Vibert and more ‘Acid Relief’ sees each artist contributing music for free, with highlights being LFO’s storming ‘I Love Acid’, Ben Sims’ ‘Barrow Boy Acid’ and Vibert’s ‘Jungle Hitler’.

You can choose to download the full album for free, or donate via either the bandcamp ‘pay-what-you-choose’ or direct on Acid Relief’s Just Giving page, where you can also see how much has been raised so far.

The DEC brings together 14 leading UK aid agencies to finance relief for people affected by major disasters in poorer countries. They never spend more than 5% of the money they raise on fundraising or promotion. plus their member agencies never spend more than 7% supporting their aid efforts from the UK.

Check out the full album here.

Various Artists – ‘Acid Relief’:
1. LFO – ‘I Love Acid’
2. Posthuman – ‘The Benz’
3. Ben Sims – ‘Barrow Boy Acid’
4. Paul Mac – ‘Acid Jam’
5. Hrdvsion – ‘Yes, That Was What I Meant’
6. Chevron – ‘Haunted By Houndstooth’
7. Affie Yusuf – ‘Acid Playground’
8. Stephen Brown – ‘Oddity’
9. Trackman – ‘Track Three’
10. Digitonal – ‘Box Relief’
11. Shinra – ‘Maze’
12. Transparent Sound – ‘Insert Coin’
13. Global Goon – ‘ACDCKLF’
14. Slipmatt – ‘Acid Soldier’
15. AGT Rave Cru – ‘Zombie 303’
16. Luke Vibert – ‘Jungle Hitler’