Hudson Mohawke Press 2011

Hudson Mohawke Working With Antony Hegarty & Oneohtrix Point Never

The Mercury prize winning vocalist will be joined by the two producers for her next record.

Having not released an album as ‘Antony and The Johnsons’ since 2010’s ‘Swanlights’, Antony Hegarty announced today via Facebook that her next record will be co-produced by Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never. Set to be titled, ‘Hopelessness’, the record is described by Hegarty as, “an electronic record with some sharp teeth”. The collaboration was later confirmed by HudMo with a Twitter post – seen below, which featured himself and OPN enjoying a rather hearty bag of Haribo.

No release date has been slated for the record yet, although it will mark the first time that the Scottish producer – recently revealed as working with RnB singer Miguel, has worked with Hegarty. The vocalist – who featured on this year’s acclaimed Bjork album ‘Vulincara’, has however got history with OPN – cropping on his album ‘Returnal’ back in 2010.


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