Hound Scales To Inaugurate Brooklyn Label Fifth Wall

Preview Hound Scales’ debut EP, ‘Case (Nabis)’, forthcoming on Fifth Wall with three remixes.

Like UK contemporaries Metrist, Happa, and Rumah, and fellow New Yorker Kommune1, Hound Scales is a newcomer with an impressively refined apetite for warehouse music. He compounds subtle textures, and even female vocal stabs, into a coherent techno EP and finds a mature balance between straight, big-room ruffage and atmospheric delicacy.

Icee Hot‘s Ghosts On Tape, Swiss talent Isolated Lines and Sheffield-hailing The Weald are on remix duties, each taking their respective original in very different, but suitably industrial, directions. Grab Ghosts On Tape‘s remix free via XLR8R here, and another free Hound Scales track, ‘Redhead (Sabine Woman)’, free via NeoViolence here.

Buy from February 19, preview and see tracklist below.

‘Case (Nabis)’ EP digital tracklisting:
1. Case (Nabis)
2. Stasi Flex (Homme Plus)
3. Black Bile (Dog Star)
4. Storyville (Too Young for a Devil)
5. Surrender Dorothy
6. Case (Nabis) (Ghosts on Tape Remix)
7. Stasi Flex (Homme Plus) (Isolated Lines Remix)
8. Black Bile (Dog Star) (The Weald Remix)

‘Case (Nabis)’ EP vinyl tracklisting:
A1: Case (Nabis)
A2: Stasi Flex (Homme Plus)
B1: Case (Nabis) (Ghosts On Tape Remix)
B2: Stasi Flex (Homme Plus) (Isolated Lines Remix)