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Hotline Announce Their 3rd Release

Bristol Label Hotline have announced their 3rd release-albeit in typically unorthodox fashion. 

Debuting exactly a year ago with Kahn & Neek‘s stellar ‘Backchat/Dubchat’ (video below), Hotline have employed the unusual tactic of premiering their tracks via a phone number, hence their name. Dialing 07980-988-905 lets callers hear a garbled voicemail message from ‘Rachael’ followed by a blast of an untitled track from an as yet undisclosed producer, with the aforementioned consisting of all the information on the new release so far.

Information on the identity of ‘Rachael’ remains equally sparse, although everyone from Peverelist, Kowton and Hodge have been rumoured to be responsible. A cryptic message from the label only suggests that ‘she’ is ‘the master of the drum machines that now stand on end against flaking walls and stacks of dog-eared vogues’, and describes the ‘drum tracks’ they put out as ‘the product of late nights and full ashtrays’. You can read the full message written message on the Bristol website Tape Echo, whilst you can hear the voice mail message yourself by giving 07980-988-905 a call.