Hippos In Tanks Prepare Nguzunguzu EP

Experimenal US label, Hippos in Tanks, are set to release Nguzunguzu’s EP, ‘Warm Pulse.’

Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda make up the Los Angeles-hailing production duo that is, the creatively named, Nguzunguzu. With a previous release coming via Fade To Mind, Night Slugs‘ sister label run by Kingdom, their sound is seen as neatly sitting in a musical middle ground; bridging aspects of house, grime and funky. Expect no different on this forthcoming Hippos In Tanks EP.

The five-track work will be available in a digital format from July 3, and the 12″ vinyl be drop on August 14. If your into the fractured and consistently intriguing house sounds of Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990, Jam City, Egyptrixx and the like, this is an ideal US equivalent.

See artwork and full tracklisting below, and until audio of the EP surfaces, stream Nguzunguzu track ‘Water Bass Power’ for a glimpse of their forward-thing, dancefloor style.

‘Warm Pulse’ EP tracklisting:
01. Warm Pulse
02. Delirium
03. Smoke Alarm
04. Drop Cage
05. No Longer