‘Hip-Hop Family Tree’ Graphic Novel To Release Volume 3

The next comic in Ed Piskor’s acclaimed graphic novel series is coming this summer.

The Eisner-nominated series Hip Hop Family Tree is releasing its third volume in August. Ed Piskor began drawing his comprehensive history of Hip-Hop in comic form in 2013, with the two previous volumes of the graphic novel spanning the years 1981-1983.

This installment covers the years 1983-84 and charts the careers of  acts like  Slick Rick, RUN-DMC and The Beastie Boys. Volume 3 also tells the story behind the formation of Def Jam records, and highlights seminal Hip-Hop television such as the famous pilot to Graffiti Rock and documentaries Style Wars and Breakin’ and Enterin’.

Volume 1 captures the personalities of influential artists lik DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Read a preview below

Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 3 is available to pre-order now.