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Hip-Hop Encyclopedia ‘Check The Technique 2’ Available To Pre-Order

Details revealed for the follow up edition to Brian Coleman’s seminal 2007 Hip-Hop history book. 

Its sad but true, Hip-Hop records have always lacked decent liner notes. Releases from its Golden Age never received the same context other genres’ classic gained from their sleeves. It’s a good thing then that journalist and music historian Brian Coleman has made it his business to explore and share the background of some of Hip-Hop’s most important releases. His first book ‘Rakim Told Me: Wax Facts Straight From The Original Artists – The ’80s’ began a series of ‘catching up’ on these stories, setting a style that has been continued into the ‘Check The Technique’ editions.

Volume 2 includes over 80 interviews with producers, industry figures and artists including legends like Ice Cube, Mantronix, Raekwon, MF Doom, Dr Octagon, Mos Def, Jazzy Jeff and Talib Kweli. In total, 325 songs are discussed and analysed by Coleman and their creators. The book is officially out via Wax Facts Press on the 14th October as both a 544 page softcover book and digital, the later of which includes five extra chapters.

If you pre-order, you’ll receive an autographed copy of the book this month – several weeks ahead of its official release. On top of that, you’ll also get an exclusive 7″ of Smif-N-Wessun’s 1995 song ‘Home Sweet Home’ (taken from their album ‘Dah Shinin’’), complete with brand new artwork relating to the album’s original cover.  

Two chapters are available to preview, one of which is on ‘Dah Shinin’‘ and the other is on 3rd Bass‘ ‘The Cactus Album‘.

You can pre-order the book here.