Hessle Audio Co-Founder Ben UFO Takes On Fabriclive Mix

Via Resident Advisor, Fabric announce details of 67th mix CD and launch party.

It was only a matter of time before revered selector Ben UFO took the reigns on Fabric’s prestigious mix series. He’s proved his worth in DJ sets across the globe, as a tastemaker for the adventurous Hessle label, and on a mix cd before – the excellent ‘Rinse 16’ that gave rise to the hype around Objekt‘s ‘Cactus.’

Daniel Avery, Ben Klock, Digital Soundboy, Oneman and Levon Vincent are all amongst those responisble for recent Fabriclive mixes; expect to see elements of them all encorporated into Ben’s effort.

Stream his set from the Boiler Room below, and await more details on the CD launch party on January 11.