Help Keep The Channel One Soundsystem At Notting Hill Carnival

The long-lasting Reggae outfit have launched a petition to save their spot at Notting Hill Carnival

Channel One Sound System’s position at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival is in the hands of Westminster Council, who will vote whether to grant them a permanent license. The group has been in the same position at Westbourne Park Road/ Leamington Road Villas for around 20 years consecutively and 32 years in total at Notting Hill Carnival.

The group told Red Bull: “Every year we have to apply for a license to play at Notting Hill Carnival. This year the Council told us to apply for a permanent license.” As a result based on a number of complaints from residents, Westminister Council have the authority to decide on granting them the license to play. Complaints from residents against the group include “excessive volume resulting in migraines, having to relocate pets because of the bass, low level damage to property, urination on property, broken glass etc, congestion of people traffic and impact on public safety, crime and disorder.”

The group issued this statement online, “We have always taken the license restrictions very seriously and made sure that the music is turned off at 7pm sharp and kept within the requested sound limits.”

They are meeting a council worker next week and have set up a petition with the goal to gather as many signatures as they can to show significant support in their presence at the West London event which takes place on the 24-25th of August. At the time of writing the petition has almost reached it’s target goal of 5000.

One commenter said, “The essence of Notting Hill Carnival is being eroded year after year. If protection is not given to key elements of Carnival like Channel One Sound System, it will go the same way as Portobello Road. We’ve watched the charm and soul of Portobello slowly disappear as property prices go up and people who don’t value the richness and history of the area move in. If you want a quiet weekend during Carnival, go on holiday.”

Sign the petition here today.