sonar +d

Hear Your Tracks In The National Physical Lab Reverb Chamber

The National Physical Laboratory continue their Sónar+D Reverb Chamber installation online

The National Physical Laboratory in London are offering producers and musicians the opportunity to hear their tracks laced with reverb from an acoustically measured  chamber. Implemented for Sónar+D by acoustic scientist and musician Christian Baker, the app is now available online for musicians to send their submissions. In return, tracks will be received with the applied effect from a room described as ‘big’ and ’empty’, with ‘very hard walls, floor and ceiling and no parallel surfaces.’ Lower frequencies resonate for a longer period, and the room must be empty as the human body absorbs frequencies reducing the reverb time.

Producers are encouraged the think about what may sound interesting in the chamber, ‘something made up of short, crisp sounds with a lot of space will be drastically transformed and probably sound great.’ The National Physical Laboratory are currently accepting tracks for when the system next goes live. Hear a selection of processed tracks below.

For more information visit the Cloud Chamber website here