Hear John Osborn And Nd_Baumecker Close The Final Sub:Stance

Stream two hours of the back-to-back set that closed the curtains on the final Sub:Stance event.

Reports suggest the last ever Sub:Stance event at Berghain a few weeks ago wasn’t short of highlights, and none more so than the closing set in Panorama Bar. TANSTAAFL boss and Sub:Stance artistic visionary John Osborn went b2b with Berghain resident, Ostgut Ton artist, and all-round techno obsessive nd_Baumecker, setting Panorama Bar alight during the cherised final hours of the trailblazing Berlin club night’s five-year reign.

Available to stream below via RBMA, the 2-hour excerpt is a lively four-to-the-floor journey with a few unexpected classics chucked in for good measure. Hold tight for more exclusive audio content from the final Sub:Stance event appearing on the Hyponik pages soon…