Hear Dan White’s ‘Simple Pleasures’ EP On Shades Recordings

Shades, formerly Shades Of Grey, issue their ninth release in the form of Dan White’s debut under his own name.

The Shades output thus far has flicked between the understated house of Owen Howells, twisting techno from Chairman Kato, deep electronica from Duct or Warsnare, Elson David‘s nostalgic acid and beyond. They look to scene veteran Dan White for their ninth record, who delivers four suitably quirky club tracks.

The opener ‘Mind and Heart’, produced in collaboration with Rudi Crone, sets the tone for an adventurous EP in its crossover songwriting and epic, early-morning feel. It neatly sets up the more restrained tones of ‘Always’, a much simpler affair built on a sharp 4×4 kick that progresses through versions of a vocal sample and chordal bassline with solid execution. The skippy, garage-leaning percussion of ‘Deluge’ and ‘Inquest’ adds a different dimension to the now-familiar atmospherics, and rounds off an intriguing and obviously profound record.

Buy from April 29.

Dan White – ‘Simple Pleasures’ EP full tracklisting:
01. Dan White feat. Rudi Crone – Mind and Heart
02. Dan White & Tjorven – Always
03. Dan White – Deluge
04. Dan White – Inquest