Hear Blank & Kytt’s Destiny’s Child Remix

It’s not all that often we get to post a picture of everyone’s favourite diva on Hyponik.

So hearing our favourite as yet unsigned beatsmiths Blank & Kytt’s remix of Destiny’s Child meant we got a couple of minutes to peruse Google for images of the r’n’b Queen B [*sigh*].

Unexpectedly, the remix, entitled ‘Keep Up’, and sampling the ‘Lose My Breath’ chart hit from the Texas threesome’s 2004 album ‘Destiny Fulfilled’, sees the Coventry duo deconstruct the classic vocal and slamming synths into a distorted banger for the brain, complete with emotive keys, oriental melodies and enough low-end to shake the floor.

You can stream the full track below, and check out more from Blank and Kytt over at their soundcloud.

Keep Up (Destiny’s Child Remix) by Blank and Kytt