‘HD Vinyl’ could revolutionise production format

Austrian company Rebeat Digital have filed a patent to develop what would be the world’s first ‘high definition vinyl’ technology. This revolutionary development of the vinyl format would make it capable for records to produce longer playing times and at a wider frequency range.

Currently, most vinyl is produced using 1960s old-fashioned technology and is extremely time consuming. Rebeat’s new manufacturing process would use 3D-based topographical mapping alongside laser inscription technology, speeding up the process and, according to Digital News creating a vinyl format that would have 30% more capacity, 30% greater volume, and double the audio fidelity of a typical LP sold today.

Before you panic at the idea of having to fork out for another turntable, rest assured, as Rebeat state that ‘HD Vinyl‘ will be compatible on existing record players. However, the concept is still a long way off, with Rebeat CEO Guenter Loibl currently looking for investors.

Via Digital News.