Glasgow, Belize and Ghana Meet On ‘Youth Stand Up!’

The collaborative project will be released next month and brings together young musicians from Belize, Ghana and Glasgow.

JD Twitch’s Autonomous Africa label are releasing a collaborative album, ‘Youth Stand Up!’,  in partnership with Glasgow’s popular Green Door Studio. First devised by Emily MacLaren of Green Door, the project will see collaboration between Belize’s Lebeha Drumming Center, Ghana’s Tafi Cultural Institute and the Glasgow institution.

11 Glasgow musicians started working on the album in October 2014, including members of Golden Teacher, as well as Whilst, Psychic Soviets and Froth. MacLaren, fellow recording engineer Stuart Evans and Golden Teacher’s Laurence Pitt and Oliver Pitt (later replaced by Cassie Oji) travelled to Hopkins, Belize to work with five members of the Tuteme Band, followed by a trip to Ghana to work with seven artists that make Hiplife and Borborbor music. The final work on the album was completed back in Scotland. ‘Youth Stand Up!’ is out October 9, with all proceeds divided between the Lebeha Drumming Center and Tafi Cultural Institute. DJ Twitch, Golden Teacher, Sacred Paws and Ghana Soundz will also play a fundraiser on November 27 at The Vic Bar in Cologne.

Listen to ‘Come With Me’ from the album below:

‘Youth Stand Up!’ is out October 9 on Autonomous Africa.

via Resident Advisor