Gilles Peterson and Thris Tian launch Worldwide FM next week

Worldwide FM will officially launch on September 5.

Esteemed tastemaker Gilles Peterson has announced the launch of Worldwide FM, to be hosted by himself and Boiler Room’s Thris Tian, and supported by file-hosting platform WeTransfer.

Beginning broadcasting on September 5 from a London studio, the station will incorporate the globally-minded sentiment running through all of Peterson’s other endeavours; striving to explore and tie together the shape-shifting diversity of global music.

The station’s programming will include regular DJs and guest appearances, live sessions, interviews, features and discussions, as well as representatives from scenes from around the world, such as Brussels DJ Lefto and Tokyo’s Toshio Matsuurain.

Worldwide Logo

Tune in at worldwidefm.net and keep up to date with Worldwide FM on Facebook and Twitter.