Gilles Peterson Compiles World Cup Soundtrack

The DJ and broadcaster has compiled a playlist soundtrack for the World Cup.

After calling on the public in an effort to obtain a rare 1950’s Brazilian Jazz record, Gilles Peterson has in return compiled a Samba soundtrack for next month’s World Cup.The record in question is ‘Tam Tam Tam’ written by José Prates in 1958 and released on Polydor. The track “Nanã Imborô” went on to inspire Brazil’s signature party tune – ‘Mas Que Nada’, the Sergio Mendes classic which was made famous after a certain advert for the 1998 World Cup.

“There’s a total obsession with football in this country, it’s part of our fabric and that’s the same in Brazil. I think that the football connection is something which the two countries share to such a level that we’re interested in each other’s culture to a certain degree. The British have an affinity with Brazilian music.” says Peterson.

Peterson has also recorded a new album with some of Brazil’s greatest living musicians together under the name Sonzeria. Featured artists include Elza Soares – who was once married to Garrincha, one of the most gifted Brazilian players of all time- and Seu Jorge the king of modern Samba Pop, who has just finished playing Pele’s father in a feature film.

Sonzeira: ‘Brasil Bam Bam Bam’ is out on May 26th learn more about the project here.

Stream Peterson’s World Cup playlist below and also watch a video about his search for the record.