Ghostly International Sign Beacon

After the success of their debut ‘No Body’, the Michigan-based record label are to release Beacon’s second EP.

Beacon are Thomas Mullarney and Jacob Gossett, a duo who have gained recognition for their bass-laden R’n’B specked electronic sound. This signature vibe is remarkably demonstrated in their new EP, a poignant effort which elaborates on the dark emotive journey of ‘No Body.’ Comprised of 5 songs, ‘For Now’ provides an expert continuation of the duo’s angsty style.

The free song Beacon are exclusively giving away, ‘Feeling’s Gone’, is awash with melancholy, with smooth sultry vocals enhancing the atmosphere of deliberation created by drifting synths and a steady beat before the tune drops into a more urgent turn. The track is laced with nostalgia, courtesy of faint, muted synths which demonstrate Beacon’s focus on conveying sentiment through their detailed, reflective productions.

There is undoubtedly a sadness to this record, yet it manages to be simultaneously morose and uplifting; a rare quality which is certain to take the duo far, especially with the support of such a renowned label asGhostly International at their side.

Stream ‘Feeling’s Gone’ below:

‘For Now’ is out via Ghostly International on October 2nd.