Fybe:one’s ‘Harp’ EP Subject To Twelve Remixes

Shades Of Grey to put out 12 interpretations of co-founder Fybe:one’s ‘Harp’ EP.

The London-based Shades Of Grey Recordings has so far notched up releases from Chairman Kato, Warsnare, Royce Wood Junior & Stac, and from the three founders Duct, Owen Howells and Fybe:one (pictured).

The next release will be 12 reworks of tracks from Fybe:one‘s ‘Harp’ EP that boldly attempt to cover all corners of electronic music; the remixers include Deft, Troy Gunner, Duct, Chesslo Junior and Blacksmif.

Preview all remixes and see tracklist below. Available to buy from November 5.

‘Harp’ remix EP full tracklist:
01. Aeolian (Troy Gunner Remix)
02. Harmonic Curve (Deft Remix)
03. Suffocate (Mute Speaker Remix)
04. Kora (Jamie Wilder Remix)
05. Enclosed (Duct Remix)
06. Harmonic Curve (Capes Remix)
07. Aeolian (Blacksmif Remix)
08. So What (Aether Remix)
09. Kora (Soosh Remix)
10. Enclosed (10 David Remix)
11. So What (Chesslo Junior Remix)
12. Suffocate (Warsnare Remix)