Freerotation 2014 Initial Line Up Released

The greater part of the line-up for this year’s edition of the forward thinking electronic music festival has been announced today.

In no particular order the strong line up includes Voices From The Lake (feat. Donato Dozzy and Neel), Trade (feat. Surgeon and Blawan), Livity Sound (feat. Asusu, Kowton and Peverelist) Shackleton – Magic Mountain High – (Juju and Jordash, Move D )– Hessle Audio (feat. Pearson Sound, Ben Ufo and Pangaea) and more listed below.

The festival which was set up by musical pair and long time friends Steevio & Suzybee and runs throughout the 11,12 & 13th of July at Baskerville Hall in Wales. Tickets are notoriously difficult to acquire, and only available to a select few. Those lucky enough to be recommended for membership with the exclusive crowd by an existing member. This is down to a venue capacity restriction of 650 personnel and makes this tightly-knit event, which revolves around a group of regular residents one of the most sought after low-key, high profile events of the British Summer.

Full Line-Up of artists and acts announced to date below.

Voices From The Lake (feat. Donato Dozzy and Neel) – Conforce (aka Versalife) – Deepchord – DJ Bone – Inigo Kennedy – Trade (feat. Surgeon and Blawan) – Midland – Searchlight Records (feat. Staffan Linzatti) – Hodge – Dynamo Dreesen – Gifted and Blessed – Farah (AKA Darling Farah) – Neel – Monoak – Joey Anderson – Esther Dune – Greta Cottage Workshop (feat. Onlyz and Jimmy Winkles) – South London Ordnance – Burnt Friedman – Jus Ed – Jennifer Mayanja – Livity Sound (feat. Asusu, Kowton and Peverelist) – Karenn (feat. Blawan and Pariah) – Bergemann and Legget – Objekt – Mark Hand – Leah Floyeurs – Jade Seatle – Kawn – Guy McCreery

Plus regulars / residents; Shackleton – Magic Mountain High – Juju and Jordash – Hessle Audio (feat. Pearson Sound, Ben Ufo and Pangaea) – Soulphiction – Move D – Sven Weisemann – Tama Sumo – Lakuti – Portable – XDB – October – Jane Fitz –Miles Sagnia – Alex Downey – Tom Demac – Tom Ellis – Leif – Joe Ellis – Sam Watson – Grimes Adhesif – SammyString – Duckett – Myles Serge – J Lab – Ilmajaam – Tripcode – Earthdoctor – Beatroots – McTurk – Reflektor – BMO – Jakooky – Steevio & Suzybee

More information to be announced in the coming weeks. Visit the official website here.