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Freddie Gibbs Shot At In Brooklyn

The Indianna born rapper and two members of his crew were targeted after a gig last night.

Responsible for ‘Pinata’, one of the Hip-Hop records of the year so far, alongside Stones Throw affiliated producer Madlib, Freddie Gibbs has been enjoying greater critical acclaim and popularity than ever before over the last 12 months or so. However that didn’t stop him and his crew being shot at by a lone gunman at 1.35am (ET) as they sat in a parked car following a performance at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade record store last night. Gibbs came through the incident unharmed although his tour DJ and the other crew member sustained minor injuries and are both now at Bellevue Hospital in New York City where they are said to be in stable condition.

CCTV footage from Rough Trade  is said to show the gunman milling around with member’s of Gibbs’ crew in the green room of the venue. An investigator told Gibbs about the shooter, “…he was standing around you guys all night. He was stalking you guys. We can tell on camera, he wanted it to look like he knew you, but it’s clear he didn’t. When you guys left, he was waiting for you outside.”

“They tried to kill Tupac. They tried to kill me,” Gibbs told The New York Post outside the club. Asked why he would be targeted, Gibbs said: “I’m Freddie Gibbs. They tried to kill me, but I’m still alive.” Gibbs later posted the defiant post below on his Instagram.

There have been no arrests in the case so far.

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