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France’s Rural Nightclubs In Pictures

These amazing photographs shed light on France’s suburban nightclubs

French graphic designer and photographer Francois Prost has shared a unique project that features some of France’s most obscure nightclubs. The project ‘Clubs’ sees Prost presenting photographs that depict the country’s more esoteric venues, with buildings ranging from what look like dilapidated supermarkets to converted bingo halls. The venues are displayed under daylight and blue skies sans attendees, which adds to the quirkiness and unique perspective.

The desert like surroundings are enough to challenge the typical view of France’s social landscape. The suburbs are truly represented here. Prost stated the following on the project ‘Without the distraction of teetering crowds and flashing disco lights and blurred, eager eyes, the clubs look a little sad and depleted, and it becomes apparent just how weird and kind of dystopian some of the designs actually are.’

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rural french club

rural french club 2

Francois Prost’s project ‘Clubs’ can be viewed in full here