Four Tet Live Set Up Video

Four Tet Breaks Down His Live Set UP

Four Tet breaks down his live set in New York at the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy.

A great insight into the setup Keiran Hebden uses when performing live, he explains briefly the function of each piece of equipment – a Mono Pad, Soundbite Auto Loop Module, Cool Edit software (along with awesome mouse mat) and Boss 303 Dr. Sample unit – all used in conjunction with Ableton Live and a mixer.

Each is utilized in various ways to build on and rearrange various elements in each of his tracks – it’s interesting, for example, to see how the ‘live’ sound can be achieved more effectively by simply using a Loop Module that has a natural phase to it, giving that imperfect sound synonymous with Four Tet sets.

Ultimately the use of extensive modulation allows Hebden to unfold ‘lots and lots of tension building’ during his performance and also cater for whichever type of audience he is performing to in whatever environment.

Along with a lot of the other videos coming out of the RBMA this year, this ones really worth a watch!