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Four Tet Announces The Next Three Releases On Text Records

Ever favourite Kieran Hebden has just announced details of the next three releases on his own Text Records.

TEXT029, TEXT 030 & TEXT 031 will be three 12-inches, the first two will be two track Four Tet productions titled ‘KHLHI/Sext and Ascii Bot/Blatant Water Cannon’ under his Percussions alias and the third release titled ‘Streetways EP’ from a mysterious artist named Taraval. The Four Tet releases will be vinyl only and the latter will be available on both wax and digital.

Characteristically Hebden announced the news via Twitter. All three releases will interestingly be put out by Text on April 28th.

Stream the new tracks from Hebden and two of the tracks from the Taraval EP below.