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Fort Romeau Reveals ‘Insides’

The artist’s sophmore LP will be out on Ghostly in March.  

Debuting on 100% Silk back in 2012 with his LP, ‘Kingdoms’, Mike Greene has since carved out a niche for himself as a purveyor of ‘slow listening’. The native Londoner’s relaxed take on groove-centric House has won him fans from many facets of the musical spectrum, as well as regular appearances on esteemed American imprint Ghostly International – which will now host his second album, ‘Insides’. Out 30th March, the record finds Greene channeling the experience he’s accrued DJ’ing in the two years since ‘Kingdoms’ across eight tracks.

Exploring Old Kosmiche, Disco, and early electronic records, ‘Insides’ sees Greene taking these influences and expanding upon them through great detail and meticulous pacing. “I want to allow things to breathe and develop gradually over longer track lengths, rather than cram everything into four or five minutes”. The title track (below) is the first cut available to preview, with its lush six plus minutes transporting the listener out of our current winter gloom to Balearic poolside scenes and tropical horizons. The tracklist and artwork for ‘Insides’ meanwhile  can be seen below.

If the title track isn’t enough to quench your thirst for all things Fort Romeau, why not check out his back and forth with Mark E from last year?


1. New Wave
2. Folle
3. All I Want
4. Insides
5. Not A Word
6. IKB
7. Lately
8. Cloche

insides fort romeau

‘Insides’ is out on Ghostly 30th March.