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Flying Lotus Reveals Partial Album Artwork, Tracklist And Collaborators

The Los-Angeles based producer has been drip-feeding information about his forthcoming LP via his Tumblr account.

His fifth full length, ‘You’re Dead!’ will be released 6th October in the UK on Warp, and is set to be “heavy on Prog vibes” according to the man himself. The latest burst of information regarding the highly anticipated album has come in the form of a series of posts (including opening track ‘Theme’ pictured above) on FlyLo’s Tumblr account – on which  he’s been posting artwork by Japanese Manga artist Shintaro Kago for each track on the album one by one.

At the time of writing seven pieces of artwork had been posted with slots left for twelve more. Through a series of hashtags its been revealed that Funk legend Herbie Hancock will appear alongside bass virtuoso Thundercat on second track ‘Tesla’. Thundercat is also set to appear also appears on third track ‘Cold Dead’, whilst fifth track ‘Never Catch Me’ will see FlyLo collaborate with Kendrick Lamar. Also featuring on the record is Snoop Dogg, who will guest on the sixth track ‘Dead Man’s Tetris’ with the producer’s rapping alter ego Captain Murphy.

Tracklist (so far):

01. ‘Theme’
02. ‘Tesla’ feat. Herbie Hancock
03. ‘Cold Dead’
04. ‘Fkn Dead’
05. ‘Never Catch Me’ feat. Kendrick Lamar
06. ‘Dead Man’s Tetris’ feat. Snoop Dogg and Captain Murphy
07. ‘Turkey Dog Coma’

You can keep an eye for more updates on the tracklist on Tumblr, whilst you can see FlyLo’s only London show of the year so far 7th November at Camden’s Roundhouse. 

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