Flying Lotus Debuts London Live Show

LA beat maker supreme, and one of the finest artists of his generation, Flying Lotus is set to play a full live show this October, at London’s Roundhouse.

Taking place on the the 22nd October, the show, produced in conjunction with London-based promoters Soundcrash, will see the UK debut of Flying Lotus’ new live show, created in collaboration with the hugely celebrated visual label ANTIVJ. The show will be the result of months of collaboration and will only be performed 3 times this year – once in London, once in Paris and once in Los Angeles.

Widely regarded as the world’s most groundbreaking producer, Flying Lotus’ staggering creative output has seen him evolve in a short number of years from a relatively unknown figure in the LA beat scene to one of the most talked about artists across a wide spectrum of the global musical landscape.

And it seems Steve Ellison’s creative stream isn’t about to dry up any time soon. Working round the clock on new material, remixes, collaborations, one-off musical installations and running his own record label, the phenomenal talent that is Flying Lotus has also delighted his fans with a trickle of incredible live performances in the last couple of years.

You can grab tickets direct from the Soundcrash website here.