floating points mixer

Floating Points Designs Rotary Mixer

Sam Shepherd has collaborated with Isonoe on a pioneering new bit of DJ kit.

Long renowned for being particular about his DJ setup, it seems that Eglo Records’ Sam ‘Floating Points’ Shepherd has taken one things further by helping to design his own bespoke rotary mixer. Made in collaboration with Isonoe – who usually produce hi-spec accessories such as tone arms and feedback isolation feet for Technic 1210’s, the FP Mixer comes off the back of a request for something, ‘containing the same grade of circuitry found in world class studios’.

Built over a 4 year period,  the FP Mixer is ‘built exclusively from discrete transistors…with all electronics being shielded by twin layers of alloy and steel’. Amongst many unique features, the FP Mixer boasts an ‘inductor based passive isolator on each channel’, ‘gas-plasma PPM metering’, ‘multi-layer PCB’s throughout’ and ’30 custom designed inductors’ in total. No release date or price – which can be safely assumed to be in the thousands of pounds, have been confirmed by Isonoe so far – although Shepherd writes on his Facebook page that one has been, “lurking at Plastic People” for the last few months.

Check out photos of the FP Mixer below and read its full specs here.

fp mixer 3

fp mixer 1

fp mixer 3

fp mixer 2