First Hinge Finger Release Revealed

Joy Orbison has revealed the first artist to release on his and Will Bankhead’s newly minted label. (via The Guardian)

Following news of the new label before Christmas, which was accompanied by a blazing mix by Orbison himself (which you can still download here), the South London producer/DJ has revealed in a Q&A with The Guardian that the debut release will be a 4 track EP entitled ‘Madteo Bugler Gold Pt 1’ from New York house man Madteo.

In response to being asked who his favourite new artist was, Orbison said: “an amazing producer from New York. This track is on an EP he did for a new label called Hinge Finger that I started with my friend Will Bankhead. I’ve been sitting on this material for a quite a while now, so I’m really excited to have it out there.”

No release date as yet, but you can listen to Madteo’s ‘Untitled B1’ from 2010 below (originally released by Berlin’s Workshop Records).