Fabric’s Easter Weekend Hosts Visionquest and The ‘Curators Of Techno’

fabric reveal line up details for Saturday, March 30.

Four man DJ-squad Visionquest, Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves, will takeover room one, kicking off their ‘Visionquest Thirteen’ tour in what will be their only London club date together this year.

Techno luminaries Kevin Saunderson (pictured) and Kenny Larkin represent the city’s older generation, beginning the ‘Curators of Techno’ tour to room two alongside approved-newcomer Kyle Hall; a series of events that will showcase “the beginning of Detroit’s early days up until the current”.

Room three witnesses the two sounds go head-to-head as Troxler and Saunderson play back-to-back, as well as sets from another Detroit-hailing artist in Patrice Scott, who will also play together with Hall.

Get tickets and more info from the fabric website.