Explore The Global History Of Music With Radiooooo

A group of young French people have created an exciting new platform allowing you to take a worldwide music trip through the ages.

Whether Soviet opera, Mexican Folk or Japanese video game music tickles your fancy, a new online platform called Radiooooo lets you explore music from any country in the past 100 years. As long as a track has been submitted by one of the many loyal and knowledgeable users, it will be available to stream. The platform is currently in beta mode but is planning to give users the option to buy the music in the future.

We recommend spending a few hours delving deep into the endless possibilities of countries and eras, even after a short time spent trawling through the map we found some unexpected gems. Here are our five favourite picks from our Radiooooo rabbit hole:

1920s Ukraine:

1940s Canada:

1970s Russia:

1980s Japan:

2000s Algeria: