Experiment With Moderat

Berlin based electronic collaboration Moderat have revealed the third installment of their Moderat Experiments Series, entitled ‘Fog Machine’.

The collaborative project between Modeselektor and Apparat have always placed a strong emphasis on the visual side of this and with this genuinely original innovation they’ve taken things on to a new level. Coming in advance of the release of their second album ‘II’ on 2nd August, the ‘Fog Machine’ acts partly as a tantalizing preview of the music to come from the group and partly as a mind boggling ‘analogue meets digital live experience’. Available exclusively through their website, fans are given the chance to ‘activate’ the actual ‘live micro projection box’ and view real time logo animations by the group’s visual partner Pfadfinderei interacting with the aforementioned new music.

Due to the unique live nature of the experiment, only one fan can view at a time and only during the hours of 0900-1800 GMT up until the album’s release at the start of next month.