Exponential Horn

Experience The UK’s Largest Horn Loudspeaker

The giant 27ft long Denman horn, is the centrepiece of a new installation at London’s Science Museum

The ‘Exponential Horn: In Search of Perfect Sound’ exhibition curated by the artist Aleksander Kolkowski, explores a historic quest for audio perfection through newly-created sounds, music and the spoken word.

The colossal ‘Denman Horn’ measures 27ft in length with a 7ft 1in square horn mouth. The aim is to give visitors the opportunity to experience an important milestone in the scientific quest for perfect sound. The horn itself is a redesign of the original horn, which was commissioned in 1929 and was a popular highlight of the museum until being accidentally destroyed in 1949. Rebuilt over a period of eight months by the Science Museum’s Workshops team, the 12mm thick fibreglass horn features a 9ft section of the original object which was made from a much heavier metallic alloy.

Kolkowski said, “This audio leviathan, seemingly primed and ready to blast through the museum walls, instead offers up a uniquely immersive aural experience, one in which sounds and voices from the past and present converge.’

The exhibition features a wide-ranging programme of events and audio demonstrations including live broadcasts, sound art, new poetry and archive radio footage from contributors including BBC Radio 3, the Royal College of Music and the Royal College of Art.

Science Museum workshop staff working on the reconstruction of the “giant horn”

Science Museum workshop staff working on the reconstruction of the “giant horn”

The exhibition opened yesterday and will run until the 27th of July. For more information see here.