Elderly Man Forced To Sell Lifetime’s Collection Of Records

Having moved into a care home, 86-year-old Ian Murray must sell his assortment of over 10,000 vinyl records.

The New Zealander must find a new home for his beloved collection as there’s no space in his new residence. The records are being stored for the time being in the Timaru Majestic Theatre free of charge, though the conditions aren’t ideal.

Lawyer Tony Shaw says, ‘Those records represent his worldly wealth so we need to generate a bit of money for him so that he can buy a few basic things in life,’ adding, ‘Ian also has some gramophones, which we will sell separately.’ They’re trying to sell the entire collection in a single sale, hopefully to a vinyl seller that will enjoy them as much as Murray has.

Check out the photos of Murray’s mammoth collection below.

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via The Vinyl Factory