Eglo Reveal Double CD Compilation

Alexander Nut and Floating Points’s Eglo label will release its first album, and first CD, on April 29.

As if there hadn’t been enough quality compilations released in underground dance music so far this year, Eglo compile 23 tracks into their simply-titled, long-awaited debut album ‘Eglo Records Vol.1’. On top of four exclusives, it chronologically tracks the progress of the label including releases by Floating Points, Fatima, Funkineven, Shuanise, Mizz Beats, Arp 101, Gifted & Blessed and more. There is also a 20 page booklet, gold print gate-fold design by Kay Shin, photos by Vent Fury and a foreword by Nut.

The label’s discography is sufficiently diverse for a retrospective compilation to share the same variety, of dance music and otherwise, that marks all Eglo events and Alex Nut’s primetime Rinse show. The compilation is said to encorporate House, Hip Hop, 2Step, RnB, Broken Beat, Boogie, Acid and Techno, with an inevitably worldly characteristic coming from their diverse roster.

To celebrate their 4th year and the release of this CD, Eglo Records will be holding a special birthday event in early June.